We can put a sink in every


Effective solutions are within reach.


Durable, portable sinks help achieve a comprehensive safety plan

A  simple upgrade to your facility makes handwashing possible.

HappyTap is a social business that designs simple, effective handwashing solutions. We’re the company behind the world’s leading portable sink.

The dangers of hand sanitizer

Poisoning, antimicrobial resistance and ineffective

Accidental chemical poisonings surge as children eat hand sanitiser, and more children are showing up to hospitals with hand sanitizer in their eyes, in some cases risking blindness.

Frequent usage of hand sanitizers also increases the chance of antimicrobial resistance.

Hand sanitizer isn’t effective in killing germs

when hands are greasy or dirty - and let’s face it, children’s hands are greasy or dirty most of the time, particularly at key hand hygiene moments like after playing outside or after eating.

Soap and water is the safest option

Soap and water are the mainstay of any hand hygiene efforts.


Less talk, more hand washing.

HappyTap converts hand hygiene awareness into immediate action and lasting behaviour change by making regular hand washing convenient.

Safer than hand sanitiser

Experts advise soap and water is the most effective way to eliminate germs and viruses from our hands. It also prevents the risk of children ingesting sanitiser.

Set up in seconds

The HappyTap is easy to assemble - with only 4 parts. With a built-in water tank, there’s also no need for plumbing. We’ve set up HappyTaps in over 3,000 schools in less than two weeks.

Water efficient

The HappyTap uses 80% less water than a standard faucet. With up to 70 thorough hand washes per refill, it helps save money on water.

Makes hand washing easy

For consistent hand washing, convenience is key. The HappyTap can be set up wherever hand washing is needed.


International engineering and food-grade plastic lasts at least 10 years. Five year warranty included.

Inclusive design & set-up

Enable consistent use by everyone, from pre-school aged children up to the elderly.

The new alternative for hand hygiene

Hand sanitizer is quick and convenient. But it’s dangerous, irritates skin, and isn’t a true long term solution.

Conventional sinks are great to use. But they are expensive and difficult to install everywhere needed.

Next-generation sinks can offer the best of both worlds.


Millions don't have practicalaccess to a sink.

This means they can’t wash their hands no matter how often they’re reminded.

818 million students

can’t wash hands at school.

1 in 3 health clinics

are not equipped with sinks at points of care

3 billion people

don’t have sinks at home

Behaviour Change


To enable safe hand washing for 10,000,000 people by 2024

Support safe school reopening

The World Bank estimates that globally, COVID-19 school closures will cost students 11 to 15 trillion USD in lifetime earnings. With at least 40 million sinks missing from schools pre-COVID, there is an urgent global hand hygiene gap. HappyTap can help fill it quickly.


As seen in

'Portable sink promoting hygiene among Cambodia children' Al Jazeera’s Rob Mcbride reports from Cambodia about HappyTap.

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Geoff Revell explains how their business model of providing portable and affordable sinks can help mitigate the effects of Covid-19, and possibly prevent future outbreaks. #SustainableBizSummit

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Community experience with HappyTap


The addition of the HappyTap stations means pupils and their families can feel assured that as much as possible is being done to help prevent further spread of the virus.

City Council Cabinet Member
Children & Young People Services, UK


Before HappyTap he would never have washed hands if we didn’t make him. Now he does it by himself, every time he comes back home from playing. It’s really sunk in and I think that’s a good habit for life.

Seak Chanthouch, Parent


I try to avoid crowded places and I make sure I always wash my hands for more than 40 seconds. That will be easier now with HappyTap at school.

Hong Mansou, Student
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