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Easy to set-up in minutes and highly cost-efficient, HappyTap is a new way to keep teachers, staff, and students safe.

Help reduce the burden on teachers and keep them safe with practical hand hygiene in every classroom.

Configure set-up for socially distanced hand washing at the busiest times and locations.

Expand hand washing capacity in a clinic by having multiple hygiene points, not just by the entrances and latrines.

Multiple points of hand washing increases convenience and encourage compliance, especially for staff who need to wash their hands between patient contacts.

Some healthcare facilities administrators prefer separate facilities for staff and patients, in order to ensure that staff have ready access to priority sinks and don’t need to queue behind visitors.

3 billion people, 40% of people in the world, lack access to basic hand-washing facilities in their homes (UNICEF, 2020)

The HappyTap leapfrogs indoor plumbing to deliver a convenient hand-washing station that customers can be proud of.

Hand washing is key to stopping fecal-oral transmission of disease, but without a quick and easy way to practice hand washing, billions of people will skip critical moments today.

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