Dirty hands are making us really sick

Hand washing is the solution.

Hand washing kills 99.9% of germs

taking dirt and germ particles away from the skin, and is still more effective than modern antibacterial agents.


The greatest barrier is the lack of facilities

818 million students

attend schools without hand washing facilities

Almost half of healthcare

facilities lack hand washing stations at point of care

3 billion people

don’t have hand washing facilities at home

You can't wash your hands if there's nowhere to wash them.

That’s where Happy Tap  comes in

User-friendly, portable hand washing stations designed to make hand washing a habit

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User-friendly, portable hand washing stations designed to make hand washing a habit

HappyTap converts hand hygiene awareness into immediate action and lasting behaviour change by making regular hand washing convenient.

In 2019, a study of HappyTaps in 107 customer homes found that the HappyTap was the preferred method for hand washing at critical times, both for adults and children. Use of the HappyTap was associated with safer hand washing practice.


Hand washing with soap is

“one of the most effective actions you can take to reduce the spread of COVID-19,”

per WHO and UNICEF*

The HappyTap is recognized by WHO and UNICEF in official guidance on COVID-19 response and prevention.


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Why use the HappyTap

HappyTaps benefits

Nudges behaviour





Nudges behaviour

Intuitive, striking design serves as a visual cue for hand washing HappyTap changes the ‘environmental settings’ so hand washing can be inserted effortlessly before/after other activities. With multiple well-placed devices, long queues are replaced with convenient access


Can be installed in minutes wherever hand washing is needed. Devices can be set up where they are needed, and with proper social distancing, used in routines throughout the day


Food-grade material; built to last under tough usage conditions for 10 years. We offer a conditional 5 years’ warranty.


The HappyTap does not require investment in plumbing or specialized tools or labor to install


Low-flow tap & 15L tank allows for 50-70 uses per fill

95% of customers reported being either satisfied or very satisfied with their HappyTap

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The new normal for hygiene

Putting handwashing within reach