818M students attend schools

that do not have hand washing facilities

A new way to keep children safe

We enable schools to offer critical access to hygiene effectively & immediately. So far we've helped thousands of schools to reopen safely since COVID19.

Better than hand sanitizer

The CDC has reported a spike in calls to poison control centres over the past year (2020)

Accidental chemical poisonings surge as children eat hand sanitiser, and more children are showing up to hospitals with hand sanitizer in their eyes, in some cases risking blindness.

Frequent usage of hand sanitizers also increases the chance of antimicrobial resistance.

Hand sanitizer isn’t effective in killing germs

when hands are greasy or dirty - and let’s face it, children’s hands are greasy or dirty most of the time, particularly at key hand hygiene moments like after playing outside or after eating.

Soap and water is the safest option

Soap and water are the mainstay of any hand hygiene efforts.

Why use the HappyTap in schools

Simple to set up

Easy to maintain

Perfect for classrooms

Kids have fun!

Nudges behaviour

Stand-out design and placement in key areas makes hand washing a more natural part of student routines.


Can be installed in minutes wherever hand washing is needed - no plumbing required.

‍Devices can be located for key hand washing moments  throughout the school day, from pick-up/drop-off areas to classrooms and cafeterias

Easily set up 2-3 meters apart to maintain social distancing (and come back together when it is safe!)


Shower-head faucet and water regulator gives up to 100 thorough hand washes per refill. Integrated basin to avoid spills – no mops required.


International engineering and food-grade plastic lasts 10 years. Five year warranty for schools.


Installing a sink is expensive and might not be feasible with plumbing and upkeep. With a built-in water tank, HappyTap does not require plumbing.

Schools around the world are using the HappyTap

HappyTap in primary schools in Cambodia

To enhance infection prevention and control, UNICEF equipped all rural primary schools in Cambodia with HappyTaps and soap

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HappyTap in Durham County schools in the UK

Bolstering existing hygiene measures, Durham County provided primary school classrooms with hand washing sinks -- not by building or plumbing, but by setting up HappyTaps

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“It’s making washing hands so much more fun and less time consuming for our young people. Use of hand sanitizers can be more difficult to supervise effectively, and can cause some skin complaints – soap and water are always the best. It’s such a simple idea yet it’s very effective,”

Mr John Croft (Head Teacher, Sir James Knott Nursery, UK)
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The new normal for hygiene

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