The new alternative for hand hygiene.

Hand sanitizer is quick and convenient. But it’s dangerous, irritates skin, and isn’t a true long term solution.

Conventional sinks are great to use. But they are expensive and difficult to install everywhere needed.

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Not a long-term solution

Students the world over need to clean their hands properly, but their choices are falling short. Their current options can lead to serious injury.

There is a new normal in which handwashing is accessible and safe

Behavioural science, design & testing has led to simple, yet groundbreaking portable sinks that people love and that eliminate the risk of children ingesting alcohol sanitizer or suffering chemical burns in their eyes.

Next generation sinks can be deployed rapidly at scale

We’re in a global health crisis but conventional solutions are slow or compromised.

Leading organisations are now implementing high quality facilities that are safe and ready to use in days — not months. Innovative portable sinks are simple to install and use, just as effective as conventional sinks.


We found we couldn’t always monitor how well the children were using hand sanitisers, there was a lot of waste, and some of the children were experiencing skin problems due to the chemicals.

Headteacher John Croft

North Tyneside nursery, UK

High impact, modular facilities

Next-generation sinks are being implemented at scale, in a matter of weeks.

Their intuitive design means kids and adults are capable of setup and use without tools or training.
In contrast, the plumbing for traditional sinks is complicated, expensive, and can take months or even years.

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What’s best for different settings?

Hand Sanitizer

Next-generation sinks


  • Easy to place at key locations
  • Minimal training required (except in schools where safety precautions and supervision are required)
  • Easy to place at key locations
  • Minimal training required


  • Convenient to use
  • Convenient to use


  • Daily replenishment of liquid
  • Daily replenishment of soap and water


  • Not effective on dirty and greasy hands
  • Not effective against all germs
  • Effective on dirty and greasy hands
  • Effective against all germs


  • Can poison children by ingestion or cause chemical burns in eyes
  • No risk of injury


  • Typically available in bulk within a week, sometimes 3 - 4 weeks from ordering
  • Immediate: US., Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Kenya (coming soon)
  • One week: Canada, Mexico, UK, Europe
  • One month: anywhere globally


  • Not highly visible (minimal nudge)
  • Highly visible nudge for hand hygiene

The new normal for hygiene:

Handwashing made possible wherever needed

It’s not enough to provide sinks and soap only in bathrooms. Why? Because it’s not enough to wash hands only after using the toilet.

The future of hand hygiene is washing in more places and at more times. This will require a shift in facilities management - everywhere from schools, to clinics, to transport hubs, to workplaces.

No more leaving the room, going down the hall, finding the third door on the right, just to wash hands. Instead, handwashing within reach. Everywhere.


Few people wash their hands when the sink is far away, or when the facilities are filthy and splash mud on their feet. This concept has long been understood as it relates to toilets: We do not expect people to stop open defecation without conveniently available toilets.

Geoff Revell

HappyTap Managing Director, on Next Billions

HappyTap collaborates with industry leaders

...on groundbreaking research, design and implementation. We help aid agencies and governments improve and sustain public health outcomes.

We are building the new normal for hygiene

Who would have thought handwashing needed a reboot? 

The ancient practice is so simple that we assume that we’ve got it covered. But as the world changes and we face new threats, the old approach is no longer fit for purpose. The days of teaching kids a handwashing song but keeping sinks behind closed doors should be over.

HappyTap is singularly focused on helping others imagine a new state in which handwashing is easily done in the most convenient place: where you are. In the classroom, in the waiting room, at the entrance, in the restaurant, at the airport, at home - not searching for the bathroom.

HappyTap: Used by more than half a million people

HappyTaps are next-generation portable sinks that don’t require expertise to set up, are easy to maintain, conserve water, and are designed based on the latest in hygiene behavior change research.

The new normal for hygiene

Putting handwashing within reach