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don't have handwashing within reach

There’s a new normal for health & safety.

The new normal for hygiene:
handwashing is possible wherever needed

It’s not enough to provide sinks and soap only in bathrooms. Why? Because it’s not enough to wash hands only after using the toilet.
The future of basic hand hygiene is washing in more places and at more times. This will require a shift in facilities management - everywhere from schools, to clinics, to transport hubs, to workplaces.
No more leaving the room, going down the hall, finding the third door on the right, just to wash hands. Instead, handwashing within reach. Everywhere.

Next Level Behaviour Change

Behaviour change campaigns are dramatically more effective when complemented with increased access to sinks. Turn hygiene awareness into actual behaviour that becomes a habit, and improve lives for the long term. Everyone knows and wants to wash their hands, but staggeringly 80% don't do it.

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Girl washing hands in group sink outside of school.

The new alternative to hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is quick and convenient. But it’s dangerous, irritates skin, and isn’t a true long term solution.

Conventional sinks are great to use. But they are expensive and difficult to install everywhere needed.

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Next-generations sinks: the complete solution

The safe alternative: to hand sanitiser

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Better together: sinks + behaviour change work

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Flexible, affordable, immediate:
compared to piped sinks

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Sinks beyond the bathroom

It’s not enough to provide sinks only in bathrooms. Why? Because it’s not enough to wash hands only after using the toilet.

Safety requires hand washing in more places and more times. Pioneering organisations are changing where sinks are placed to ensure hygiene compliance throughout the day at vital locations like building entrances, common areas, dining areas and classrooms.


The teachers and students just love them. In the early years classes, the HappyTap portable sinks are changing the way students wash their hands!


Children & Young People Services, Durham County Council, UK

Next-generation sinks need to be...

... pleasant, safe & effective

81% of people worldwide aren’t cleaning their hands regularly because it’s inconvenient and unpleasant.

Sinks need to be a delight to use, conveniently located, and pose no risk of children ingesting alcohol sanitizer or suffering chemical burns in their eyes.

...high impact, modular facilities

Convenient sinks help bring handwashing behaviour to life. Real impact.

Modular design and configurability make deployment possible in record time.

… flexible and affordable

Piped sinks are rigid and unmoveable, unable to adapt to the needs of people and their environment.

Next generation sinks must be able to serve multiple, high-demand locations - from the classroom to the playground, or from the waiting room to the triage area.

“Portable & affordable sinks can help mitigate the effects of Covid-19, and possibly prevent future outbreaks”

Geoff Revell, HappyTap Founder & Managing Director

HappyTap collaborates with industry leaders

HappyTap: Used by more than half a million people

Leading agencies around the world are accelerating progress towards a new normal in hand hygiene by incorporating portable sinks that are safe, increase access, and nudge people to wash hands.

We are building the new normal for hygiene

Who would have thought handwashing needed a reboot? 

The ancient practice is so simple that we assume that we’ve got it covered. But as the world changes and we face new threats, the old approach is no longer fit for purpose. The days of teaching kids a handwashing song but keeping sinks behind closed doors should be over.

HappyTap is singularly focused on helping others imagine a new state in which handwashing is easily done in the most convenient place: where you are. In the classroom, in the waiting room, at the entrance, in the restaurant, at the airport, at home - not searching for the bathroom.

The new normal for hygiene

Putting handwashing within reach