We are building the new normal for hygiene


Global Lead- Communications

I’m Aditi, I work on the communications and marketing needs for HappyTap. I am based in Mumbai, India.
I have been a passionate social cause fighter since I started my career. I worked with various causes ranging from Wildlife, Sex policies in the workplace, etc., and then came to hand hygiene.

I work closely with our freelance benches, distributors, vendors, on-field staff, asset creation and collection, and communication messaging.


Global Operations

I’m Annie, I work in operations and business development, and I am based in Viet Nam.

I specialize in logistics & supply chain management. You will likely have spoken with me to coordinate transportation providers and suppliers to ensure prompt and proper movement of shipments.

Since 2020, I have been the coordinator between production, sales and distribution stages to build a healthy and efficient supply chain at HappyTap.


President and CEO

Hi I am Gaurav. I have spent more than 3 decades establishing markets for products of renowned companies like Reckitt Benckiser, Kelloggs, 3M & Weikfield to name a few. And I spent the last few years establishing and paving a market in India for hand hygiene products.

Since the day I joined HappyTap a few years ago, my focus has been on creating efficient and frugal operations worldwide which also involves setting up manufacturing as per the growth strategy & geographical importance along with Distribution and Supply chain in India as well as globally.


Managing Director

I'm Geoff, I am the founder and Managing Director of HappyTap.

I got into this because I wanted to tackle the problem of persistent low-rates of handwashing despite high levels of awareness and knowledge.

I previously was the founder of WaterSHED, an NGO that pioneered market-building and system-strengthening in rural sanitation. Prior to that I was at the World Bank working on water sector projects in Cambodia, India, and in sub-Saharan Africa.


Regional Manager, Africa

I am Mevazara, I lead partnerships in Francophone Africa and I am based in Madagascar. 

I have spent the past 15 years focused on improving access to WASH services for low-income communities and institutions through different approaches, especially market-based solutions with not-for-profit organizations. I am now working with WaterSHED Holdings through HappyTap Co. I am passionate about designing and learning from sanitation and hygiene systems. Moreover, I aim to bolster the system that underpins hygiene for everyone.


Business Development Lead, Bangladesh

I’m Mishel, and I spearhead HappyTap’s Business Development endeavors in Bangladesh. 

I’m deeply committed to developing and expanding HappyTap's business efforts in Bangladesh to continually raise awareness and improve proper hygiene practices throughout the country; something I am deeply passionate about. I have been a Business Development professional for more than a decade and have worked on developing various businesses in different sectors, as well as developing projects in the government and corporate sectors in the past. 

My current role requires me to focus on sustainably expanding our commercial footprint in Bangladesh, cultivating effective partnerships, and developing scalable systems in different geographical regions around the country.


Director, Global Business Director

I'm Rumat, the Global Business Development Director. With over eighteen years of experience in sales and trade marketing within FMCG and Telecom industries, coupled with more than six years dedicated to developing new markets and partnerships in the social sector with HappyTap, I've been driving business growth and fostering partnerships.

In my role as Global Business Development Director, my main focus is on expanding HappyTap Co. and its subsidiaries into various countries. I'm passionate about forging partnerships that make handwashing accessible to all, contributing to a healthier world.


Advocacy and Communications Lead, Bangladesh

I’m Sharna, a dedicated professional with over four years of experience in the Development and Research Sector, currently contributing my skills to the Advocacy and Communications at Happytap in Bangladesh.

Throughout my career, I’ve successfully managed multiple WASH projects demonstrating a deep commitment to improving public health and Sanitation. I am excited to be a part of the HappyTap team, where I continue to combine my passion for development with a strategic approach to advocacy and communication.

My focus is to support marketing operations and spearhead innovative and effectual communications strategies to ensure Hand hygiene for all.


Partnerships Manager, Kenya

As a Partnerships manager, I brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the WASH field. With a passion for people acquiring good and safe WASH options, I have demonstrated a commitment to sales, Marketing and problem solving.I have extensive experience in the WASH sector having served in roles such as Sales Manager, Project Manager with achievements like growing hubs with operational teams. I have a background in Journalism and Media.My current role as Partnerships Manager sees me having discussions with potential partners in government, NGOs, private sector and development partners to identify ways of working together. Additionally, I build partnerships to grow our business in healthcare facilities and schools. Outside of work, I enjoy cooking and eating good food and hiking.


Country Director, HappyTap Philippines Inc.

I am Vanna Gonzales- Rodriguez, Director for HappyTap Philippines Inc. I am at the forefront of efforts to launch, expand, and grow HappyTap's operations in the country. I have been a business founder and owner of a company for 9 years and counting, and have more than a decade of experience in research, multi-sectoral program implementation, corporate philanthropy, and social sector management.  Our goal is to empower Filipinos to take leadership over their health and hygiene and help contribute to better social outcomes in the community through improved health and hygiene access.

We are building the new normal for hygiene

Who would have thought handwashing needed a reboot? 

The ancient practice is so simple that we assume that we’ve got it covered. But as the world changes and we face new threats, the old approach is no longer fit for purpose. The days of teaching kids a handwashing song but keeping sinks behind closed doors should be over.

HappyTap is singularly focused on helping others imagine a new state in which handwashing is easily done in the most convenient place: where you are. In the classroom, in the waiting room, at the entrance, in the restaurant, at the airport, at home - not searching for the bathroom.

The new normal for hygiene

Putting handwashing within reach