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High-impact, modular facilities are being implemented at scale, in a matter of weeks.

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Sinks beyond the bathroom

It’s not enough to provide sinks only in bathrooms. Why? Because it’s not enough to wash hands only after using the toilet. 

Safety requires hand washing in more places and more times. Pioneering organisations are changing where sinks are placed to ensure hygiene compliance throughout the day at vital locations like building entrances, common areas, dining areas and classrooms.

We depended on hand sanitizer in 2020

During the height of the pandemic, schools across the country did a great job making hand hygiene possible by providing sanitizer. Sanitizers were needed in HUGE quantities because sinks weren’t present where needed.

With next-generation sinks, a durable solution is now possible.

How durable? HappyTap comes with a 5-year warranty.

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The new normal for hygiene

Putting handwashing within reach