Global Handwashing Day 2023: Initiatives around the globe

Global Handwashing Day 2023: Initiatives around the globe

Global Handwashing Day, celebrated on October 15th each year, has become a global initiative dedicated to promoting and advocating for the importance of handwashing with soap to prevent diseases and save lives. This year's theme is "Clean hands are within reach". With this in mind, this article highlights some of the remarkable efforts by HappyTap Company from around the globe for Global Handwashing Day 2023.

Global Handwashing Day marks a powerful global initiative aimed at promoting the importance of hand hygiene in preventing the spread of diseases and ensuring overall public health. This annual event, celebrated on October 15th, saw a diverse range of initiatives and activities taking place around the world, all focused on raising awareness about the significance of proper handwashing practices.

This year's theme of Global Handwashing Day was "Clean hands are within reach." This strongly resonates with HappyTap's mission, because clean hands can only be within reach when handwashing facilities are within reach. Sinks for washing hands should be accessible wherever needed, which includes outside the bathroom / toilet.

In line with the 2023 theme and our own mission of "Putting handwashing within reach," HappyTap joined in numerous campaigns across the world, furthering the cause of hand hygiene and accessible facilities. Here is brief sample of some of the more interesting campaigns that we supported:


The National Handwashing Day celebrations in Kericho at Sosiot Ground

Demonstrating the six steps of handwashing using the Next Generation Handwashing stations at Sosiot Ground.

HappyTap Kenya with its partner Bethel Network presented the New Normal in Hygiene concept, where people can wash their hands wherever needed, to the Kericho County and the Department of Health and Environment from the Ministry of Health.

Alongside, we showcased next-generation portable handwashing stations at the National Handwashing Day celebrations organized by the Ministry of Health and Kericho County.

Global handwashing celebration at Kiboro Primary School in Mathare

A child washing his hands at the celebration

HappyTap Kenya, with its partner Bethel Network, showcased next-generation portable handwashing stations at Kiboro Primary School in Nairobi County. 

Visitors included the Chief Officer of Public Health, the Hon. Tom Michira Nyakaba, and the ead of School Health, Nairobi County, Mr. Mohammed.


Apir Tayo, Pasigueno! Global Handwashing Day Fair 2023

Different styles of next-generation handwashing station

HappyTap Philippines joined in the Global Handwashing Day celebrations held by the Manila Water Foundation in Pasig.

We not only got to be a part of the bigger hygiene family but also got to interact with diverse professionals, including healthcare staff, PWDs, implementers, etc. 


Rally for handwashing with soap to propagate awareness about personal hygiene and environmental sanitation

Children of Minh Tien Primary Boarding School enjoy washing their hands

In Vietnam, HappyTap participated in the GHD Rally organized by the Department of Irrigation, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in Tuyen Quang province in Minh Tien Primary Boarding School.

The commitment to this year's theme by Minh Tien Primary Boarding School for Ethnic Minorities was evident in their placing of one HappyTap handwashing station in every classroom--ensure that clean hands are within reach. The event was highlighted by newspapers and online media. 

Read more about it here.

Global Handwashing Celebrations in Nam Định province

Demonstration of six steps of handwashing at the Unilever Global Handwashing Day celebrations

Our next-generation sinks helped demonstrate proper hygiene at the MoH and Unilever’s Global Handwashing Day celebration in Nam Định province. The event was attended by MoH and CDC among the other various dignitaries. 

Read more about it here.


Global Handwashing Celebrations with Partners in Lucknow

HappyTap India and Peoples WASH Solutions Pvt. Ltd. organized multiple pilots in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. These pilots were backed by organizations such as the Aga Khan Foundation, Population Services International India, and Vatsalya NGO.

Next-generation handwashing stations were set up in primary healthcare centers, schools, and Angandwadi daycare centers, and were graced by multiple government dignitaries.  These events were covered by the press in India.

Some of the press releases are hyperlinked here and here.

Bringing clean hands within reach in low-income households in Odisha  

HappyTap India and Spring Health have officially joined hands and commenced their first joint operations in rural Odisha to bring clean hands within reach for low-income households.

This was kicked off by a school awareness program followed by a door-to-door household conversation with the Spring Health team.

As Global Handwashing Week 2023 comes to an end, our commitment to ensuring accessible handwashing facilities is stronger than ever. From the vibrant celebrations in Kenya to the heartwarming initiatives in the Philippines; from rallies in Vietnam to household visits in India, the events were energizing! And the commitment of our partners around the globe inspires us to believe that when we jointly put our minds to the cause, we can bring handwashing within reach, and in turn, Clean Hands Within Reach.

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